ST. CLOUD -- A new youth choir has come to St. Cloud Area Schools, one that brings elementary kids across the district together for the love of music.

The program brings in kids from almost every school in District 742, from 3rd to 5th grade. Director Kayla Jennissen says the different kids present a challenge, but they're all motivated to sing.

"Not all of the kids are at the same level when they come to rehearsal every week. But, at the same time, all of these kids are incredibly motivated to learn and eager to be here."

Jennissen says that motivation has helped them learn very quickly.

"We started out our rehearsals by learning simple canons and now we've moved onto songs where the kids have completely different parts going on. Sometimes they're singing different notes at the same time, sometimes they're singing different lines than each other."

The youth choir is already underway, and there are just over 40 kids in it.

They're gearing up for a big performance at the Winter Nights and Lights Parade in downtown St. Cloud on Saturday, December 8th. The choir will make other community and school district appearances as well.

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