COLD SPRING -- Plans are moving forward for a new park, including a splash pad, in Cold Spring.

After over a year since Tim and Tom Kraemer pitched the idea of a splash pad to the council, a master plan and an estimated cost is now in place.

The park will be known as Alexander Park, it will include two playground areas, one for children under five and one for kids 5-years-old and up. Two splash pads will also be featured, with the same age concept. The park will have plenty of open lawn space, shaded areas and a bathroom facility.

Tom Kraemer says one of his favorite features of the park will be the brick walkway.

"We have a committee that is selling bricks that will be put in the walkway of the park. So we want everybody to be involved in this, so anybody for $200 can put their family name on a brick and it'll be on the walkway throughout the park."

Bricks range in price based on size. The smallest brick will be $200 meanwhile, the largest brick will be $1,000.

In total, city engineer Brian Lintgen says the estimated cost of the project is about $1.9 million. The Kraemers suggested to the council at Tuesday's meeting to enter a development agreement between the city and the River Park Community Foundation. Meaning the foundation will privately fund the project. Tim Kraemer says this means the foundation can hire local companies to do the work instead of a taking bids like a typical city project.

"The Cold Spring area and surrounding communities are uniquely qualified to build this park. From the water and sewer, from the electrical to the concrete to the irrigation system. We really want to be able to work directly with those local sub-contractors and negotiate directly versus a traditional bidding process."

The city has agreed to look into forming a development agreement with the foundation. So far, the foundation has raised $911,000 for the project and have high hopes of raising at least $200,000 more this fall.

The Kraemers also believe the estimated $1.9 million is on the high side of the budget, they are picturing a final cost to be closer $1.2 million based on local resources that should be able to incorporate in the plan, such as in-kind donations.

Alexander park will be built on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Avenue South, on the east side of town.

If all goes according to plan Alexander Park will be open by summer 2019.

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