LITTLE FALLS - Kangaroos, Wallabies and a new sea otter exhibit are all in the plans for Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls.

While you have to wait a little while for the sea otters and wallabies, the first of the kangaroos have arrived. Though she is just a few months old, Sydney is already gathering quite the fan base.

Sydney, the kangaroo, spends most of her day in Zoo Director Marnita Van Hoecke's make shift pouch.

Van Hoecke says bringing in animals like Sydney is about more than just adding to the excitement of going to the zoo.

"We want to bring attention to their habitat. and some of the loss of habitat and not just for her species but also in other species around the zoo in general."

Sydney will soon have a kangaroo friend joining her. Zoo officials hope to have another joey sometime this summer.

Many of us don't know a lot about animals like Sydney that come from other parts of the world. To help educate zoo goers Van Hoecke and other zoo officials have taken steps to provide daily education.

"From Memorial Day to Labor Day every single day at 11;30 a.m. we have an educational program here at the zoo. Sometimes it's an outreach just talking about  loss of habitat and conservation, or it's just about a specific species, or it could be a training program."

The zoo has recently started it's new adopt-a-animal program. This program allows people to gain a greater understanding of these animals through hands on educational experience.  One of the highlights is being able to in one way or another take part in the feeding of the animal you adopted.

If you are interested in donating to the zoo or adopting an animals follow the link below.

Sydney At Pine Grove Zoo (Justin LaBounty WJON)
Sydney At Pine Grove Zoo (Justin LaBounty WJON)



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