St. Cloud State University President Dr. Robbyn Wacker joined me on WJON for our "My Life" series.  Wacker grew up in the small town of Security, Colorado as the 3rd of 3 children.  Her older sister is 12 years older and her older brother 4 years older.  She says both of her parents valued education and her mother worked for the local school district for many years.  Wacker participated in both sports and other extra-curricular activities which includes participating in science fair.  She says after graduating from high school she went on to Colorado College in Colorado Springs for 1 year before transferring to Northern Colorado because they had the major she wanted, Gerontology.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





photo courtesy of Robbyn Wacker
photo courtesy of Robbyn Wacker

Wacker went on to get her masters and then doctorate and became a professor at Northern Colorado before getting an opportunity to work in administration at the school.  She says she prior to that opportunity never saw herself working in college administration.  That opportunity led her to pursue the Presidency at St. Cloud State.  Wacker became the President at St. Cloud State in 2018.   Wacker says she's passionate about helping young people along their path and acknowledges her job has a public aspect to it.  She says she has made herself accessible to students and often exchanges text messages with them.   Wacker is a dog lover and enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs and even enjoys our Minnesota winters.

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