CentraCare spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today.  He says the number of Covid-19 positive patients at St. Cloud Hospital is now in the teens with less than 5 in the Intensive Care/ICU.  Morris says the numbers can vary on the day but they have seen a steady decline over the past month.  Morris says even though the numbers are dropping this doesn't mean we should stop wearing masks and social distancing.  He says doing those things are still important in reducing the spread as we wait for more and more people to get the vaccine.



CentraCare continues with the vaccine rollout.  Morris says they continue to vaccine people in the 65+ category, educators, health care workers, and those living in long-term care facilities.  Morris also says they have strike teams that go out and vaccine people that would fit into high risk categories.  Morris says they are still reaching out to people with phone calls and letters to let them know it is their time to be vaccinated.  He says they have vaccinated approximately 50% of those in the 65+ category.  Morris says the process was slowed a bit due to a delay in the shipment of supply of vaccine due to the cold weather issues in Texas.  Morris says they continue to blend people receiving first doses and 2nd doses.  Morris is optimistic they would be able to move to the next category of people to be vaccinated by middle of March.  He says the next category will be those under 65 with chronic health conditions.

Dr. Morris joins me every week to discuss Covid-19 locally on WJON.  Hear those conversations every week from 7-8 a.m. Saturdays in addition to them being posted online at wjon.com.

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