CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today.  He says research is now indicating that a booster shot for those who have had the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and possibly the Johnson & Johnson vaccine won't likely need a booster shot this fall.  Morris says the medical community now believes those vaccinated with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have at least a year and possibly up to a lifetime of immunity from COVID-19. He says it is possible that those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine would need a Pfizer or Moderna booster but that is unclear at this time.  Morris believes the vaccine is still the best way to acquire immunity from the virus as opposed to having COVID-19 and recovering.  He says there can been some long lasting effects from COVID-19 that they currently are unsure will improve like difficulty breathing or the loss of taste and smell.



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Morris says CentraCare continues to vaccinate hundreds of eligible people at their south point St. Cloud location daily.  He says they have also brought and will be bringing their mobile vaccination clinic to various locations in the St. Cloud area including Summertime by George.  Morris says the COVID-19 vaccines do have short term side effects but they don't have evidence of long term side effects.  He says the vaccines have gone through the right safety procedures.  Morris says COVID-19 affects blood vessels and in some rare cases cause heart inflammation and is proven to be short term and people can recover on their own with monitoring.

Morris says if people are interested in a vaccine contact centracare.com, call 320-200-3200.


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