ST. CLOUD -- A biomaterials company has expanded their St. Cloud facility.

Microbiologics just finished adding a new workspace to their facility. The new addition is 31,000 square feet of office space and production labs.

Brad Goskowicz is the CEO of Microbiologics. He says the expansion was needed to help the company keep up with demands.

"We needed the extra space and the extra labs to be able to partner with our customers that are really global. We're actually in 140 some countries because of that we needed to continue to be on the cutting edge to be able to produce these biomaterials, stabilize them and ship them."

Microbiologics is a St. Cloud-based company. It was founded in 1971 and they've been in their current Cooper Avenue location for about eight years. Goskowicz says because St. Cloud has proven to be successful for them, they decided to expand their current location rather than build another facility outside of the Granite City.

"We have a river of talent that flows right outside our door from all of the universities and colleges that are here. We get great support from our local officials, state government, and we've got the right infrastructure to be able to allow us to ship to all of the different places we need to around the world. We plan on having this be our headquarters for a long time. Our goal is to eventually to be a 100-year-old company."

Goskowicz says Microbiologics has been successful because of St. Cloud's strong community.

"One of the reasons Microbiologics is successful is because here in St. Cloud we have a strong community. You can't have strong communities without strong businesses and vice-versa and strong education is the third leg of the stool. We're blessed with all three of those and we just need to make them stronger."

Microbiologics takes biomaterials such as yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses, and parasites and puts them into standardized, easy to use formats. After formatting the biomaterials the company ships them to labs around the world.

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