MEIRE GROVE -- For over 130 years the Meire Grove City Band has been performing for its small town's community and now it's being honored.

The band is being inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame next month. Gary Zwack is the Director of the Meire Grove City Band he says throughout the years the band has always had a strong family focus. Zwack says the former director Vern Meyer has several family members in the group.

"The number of people that are family members in the group, it's really been a tradition handed down. As I mentioned Vern, he has three of his children that play in the band, five grandchildren, two sisters that are in their 70s that are still playing in the band. It's a lot of some really old ties and a lot of talented family ties too."

The band currently has four generations of family in it.

The Meire Grove City Band starts rehearsals in April to prepare for performances in the summer. The group hosts several summer concerts and walks in many parades.

Zwack says he's very excited that the band will be a part of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.

"It's really a great honor, it's nice to get a distinction, we know about our band but many don't."

Zwack has been the Director of the Meire Grove City band since 2015. The band will be officially inducted at a ceremony on November 3 at Turner Hall in New Ulm.

Along with the Meire Grove City Band, five other groups, Apollo Club-male chorus, John Denver-country/pop, Jim McGuire-classical jazz guitar & music teacher, Jim Johnson & the Underbeats- Rock-n-roll, and Myron Wolf - old tyme sideman will also be inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.

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