UNDATED -- Next week is the MEA break for Minnesota's schools, typically a very busy travel weekend at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. However, this year has been anything but typical.

Kyle Potter is the Editor In Chief of ThriftyTraveler.com based out of Minneapolis. He says it will be interesting to see how many Minnesota families will be going on vacation next week.

You're absolutely right it's typically one of the bigger travel weeks in a normal year, but given everything that's going on, I just don't know how much this is going to change that normal dynamic.  So I think we're going to have to wait and see.

Potter says back in April air travel in the United States was down over 95 percent. He says it's still down about 60 to 70 percent from normal. Before COVID nearly 2.5 million people got on a plane every day in the U.S., and right now that number is around 800,000.

Potter says before COVID the price for flights would typically start going up three to four weeks before departure, but now airlines are offering their lowest fairs just a week out.

If you're starting to think of a winter getaway, Potter says as of right now Mexico is still open and there are no testing requirements for Americans to enter Mexico.

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