ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says city leaders have been meeting throughout the day Tuesday in preparation for Tuesday night. The police department is hoping to avoid a third night of unrest on the city's southside.

Kleis says early Tuesday morning police officers used tear gas to disperse a crowd of about 100 people after they started to do some damage in the area of 9th Avenue and University Drive.

We had a situation where a business was damaged and some looting at that business.  We also had some other activity with some dumpster fires in the area.

Kleis says he hasn't spoken with Governor Tim Walz yet about the past two nights of protests here in St. Cloud, but the city has been in communication with law enforcement officials at the state level. He says they've also been calling on help from the surrounding cities and counties for backup.

Meanwhile, Kleis says he has spoken with the St. Cloud police officer who was shot in the hand by a suspect early Monday morning. The officer who has not been named yet is out of the hospital after having surgery and is recovering at home.

Dozens of others have been arrested for their roles in the protests as well.

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City Releases More Information About Early Morning St. Cloud Shooting Involving Police