ST. CLOUD -- Over 30 members of SEIU Local 284 packed the room at the District 742 School Board meeting Wednesday night to voice their concerns with actions by district administration.

Among the concerns are that district clerical staff has been operating without a contract since July 1, 2017. SEIU claims clerical workers have received letters saying their paychecks do not cover their healthcare costs during breaks in school, and that they owe the district money.

Brenda Overboe is an SEIU member and Student Services Secretary at the district office. She says, on average, District 742 workers get paid less than counterparts in central Minnesota.

"Compensation wise we are paid three to seven dollars less an hour than counterparts within our region."

Another concern of SEIU's is their claim that clerical workers get moved around and made to do the work of others on the "whims" of administration. Overboe says that has become something they can no longer accept.

"We have longevity here with many people. And to happen to move someone to another position at their [district administration's] whim, we're just not going to take it."

During their work session, the school board denied several claims made by SEIU members including moving them around on "whims", and claims of unfair and "closed door" hiring practices.

When it comes to contract negotiations, the district says the clerical workers are one of only two employee groups who have yet to settle contracts for 2017 - 2019. The Principal's Association is the only other group yet to settle a contract offer.

The district says that SEIU rejected several offers, including the rejection of one Tuesday night.

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