ST. CLOUD -- If you've ever gone to a parade you have probably seen the orange and blue drummers rocking out down the parade route.

The Kracker Jacks Drumline started back in 1983 and has been a popular attraction among parade goers.

Owner Joe and Jake Lundy took over the group in 2015. Joe says he just wants to keep the tradition of the Kracker Jacks alive.

"Our main goals are to reach as many kids as we can, bring more entertainment, be creative and keep the torch burning."

The group has about five to seven drummers for each performance. Jake says the group has performed at several different venues across the country.

"We played in New Orleans, the Greenwich Village Halloween parade and other big cities so we are always looking for big performance opportunities."

The group has also launched an online educational video series on drumming called KJ Academy. November is International Drum Month.