Numbers of positive Covid-19 patients at St. Cloud Hospital and within CentraCare continue to shrink.  CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON this week.  He says they have less then 10 positive Covid-19 patients within all of CentraCare and all of them are at St. Cloud Hospital.  He says they have no positive Covid-19 patients at their facilities in Paynesville, Willmar or Monticello.



In addition to less Covid-19 patients hospitalized the supply of Covid-19 vaccines has increased according to Dr. Morris.  Morris says they continue to vaccine all eligible people fitting into the following categories... 65+ people, healthcare workers, educators, and those under 65 with chronic disease.  Morris says CentraCare continues to send out vaccination strike teams to locations with high risk individuals.  Morris says having the vaccine available for all adults is a real possibility by the end of May.  He says Pfizer and Moderna are doing safety tests to insure that kids can receive the vaccine shortly after all adults have access to it.  Morris says until herd immunity is reached everyone should continue to follow safety precautions which includes mask wearing, washing your hands regularly and social distancing.

Morris says once we get to 70 to 90 percent herd immunity the mask mandate could be lifting by the end of June.  He says that isn't a decision that he would make but feels from a safety standpoint masks may only become a voluntary thing.

Dr. Morris joins me weekly on WJON.  He appears on Saturdays every week from 7:10-8 and every other Friday from 8:10-8:50.

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