June 23, 1980 - April 9, 2021


Leanne "LeeRae" Rae Talshahar, Servant of Jesus, devoted wife, mother of 9 boys 6/23/80 - 4/9/2021 459PM, due to massive complications arising from pituitary tumor removal surgery at St. Cloud Hospital, my precious LeeRae went home peacefully to the loving arms of Jesus Christ. "Where you are" was playing saying: "I just want to be where you are" and that was when Leanne Rae Talshahar went home to be with Jesus.

She quoted Elizabeth Frye: "I want to spend and be spent for Jesus Christ." She loved praising Him. She loved His Word and told EVERYONE of His goodness. She wept over the souls of men and women. She wept bitterly over broken families and broken homes. She LOVED children, and she treated every child as her own. She would preach through migraines, and she would serve food from very little sleep or a bad cold.

She stopped for nothing in service as unto Jesus Christ.

She leaves behind a loving husband, Erez, and 9 Jesus loving boys: Nathanael, David, Marvin, Nahum, Judah, Elijah, Samuel, Isaiah, and Timothy. Also she leaves behind her mom and dad, Linda and Walter Wimberly, grandmother Mildred Saggus, brother and wife Walter Wimberly III and Tracy Wimberly their children and brother and wife, Daniel and Taynara Wimberly. She is preceded in death by grandparents Marvin Walter Wimberly Sr., Alma Weatherford, George Elling Sr., and unborn children Ethan Talshahar, Naomi Lee Talshahar, and Abigail Joy Talshahar.

Leonard Ravenhill said: "The cardinal ethic of a Christian Saint is sacrifice, not success, SACRIFICE!" Leanne has lived up to that from the start. She has sparked people to love, sacrifice, forsaking trifles for the more important matters of life that pertain to Godliness and Christ-likeness. Her life has impacted countless souls worldwide.

There is a huge reception for her in heaven. SHE HAD A LIFE WELL LIVED!! If she would speak now, she would say: I NEED YOU TO GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST. I'm more concerned about your soul than any earthly thing. PRAISE JESUS CHRIST, she is loved and missed.

In lieu of flowers memorials are preferred to the following: advancingnativemissions.com\donate836NKO3005northkoreabibles