COLD SPRING - The ROCORI Robotics team has been busy over the last few months preparing their robot for a state competition.

The team will be competing in Duluth Thursday through Saturday. ROCORI Robotics has been involved and successful in state competitions over the last three years.

Jay Larson is an industrial tech teacher at ROCORI High School and advises the team, he says it's almost entirely run and organized by students.

"Let me put it this way-we would not have a robotics program at ROCORI High School if it wasn't student driven," Larson says.

Join the Club

Justin Klassen is a senior at ROCORI and helped create the team three years ago. He says he’s always loved robotics and was inspired to create a team after watching national and world competitions.

"I watched these world competitions just in awe, I kept on doing my research and was just like-we really need to get going on this here, Klassen says.

Dozens of teams are expected to participate in the upcoming Lake Superior Regional competion in Duluth. ROCORI Robotics put the finishing touches to their robot last week before having it inspected.

Klassen says the process of building a robot may seem intimidating, but that the team follows a simple step by step process. ROCORI is always looking for more students to become involved in the team.

"There's a lot of things we will teach you and that's our goal,we want students to learn" Klassen says.

The team also emphasizes having a good time while teaching valuable hands-on skills.

"I just think that's the whole reason we have robotics, to teach the students how to do stuff-it helps develop their leadership, their fabrication and every part of the building process," Klassen says.

For more information on the team and to follow their progress, check out their Facebook page.


Dan DeBaun, WJON News
Dan DeBaun, WJON News

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