I've never worked in the restaurant business, and I don't think I could handle it. Dealing with demanding and rude customers requires a lot of patience which I don't have.

We asked our audience what annoys them about eating out and got several comments from diners, servers, and bartenders. Check out some of the most popular annoyances below and chat with us on our app to let us know what bothers you when you’re eating out.

10 Rude Things People Do In Minnesota Restaurants

Customers and servers chimed in with several complaints but the top response was kids ruining the restaurant experience. You've seen it is – kids kicking, screaming, and running everywhere in restaurants. But honestly, I don't blame the kids. It's the parents not paying attention or letting their kids go wild that bothers me.  See 9 other rude behaviors below.


The second biggest complaint from diners and servers was people being too loud on their cell phones. No one wants to hear you talking on the phone. If you must take a call, excuse yourself from the dining area.

RUDE! Minnesota servers weighed in with things that bother them.

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FYI, servers hate it when you shake your glass of ice to let them know that you’re ready for a refill.

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And, tapping your debit/credit card to let them know you're ready to pay is also a jerk move.

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10 Rude Things People Do in Minnesota Restaurants

1) Allowing their kids to misbehave

2) Being on their cell phone

3) Not saying please and thank you

4) Whistling or snapping at the server

5) Leaving little or no tip

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6) Being Gross

7) Shaking empty glass to signal for a refill

8) Tapping debit/credit card on the bar or table

9) Being loud

10) Stuffing used napkins into cups - That makes a server's job harder.

What do other diners do that bothers you? Let us know by opening our app and chatting with us.

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