As a kid there weren't many places I'd rather be than at Toys 'R' Us. It didn't matter how old I was because there was something for kids of all ages.

As a toddler I loved the huge selection of stuffed animals, as a bigger kid it was the video games and even as a young adult I would go to Toys 'R' Us to pick up Starting Lineup dolls action figures.

It was a sad day when the St. Cloud Toys 'R' Us location closed for many reasons, but for me I realized I would never be able to show my kid the awesomeness of a store built solely for kids and the toys they love.

This weekend my son and I ran to Crossroads to pick something up from Target. The parking lot on that side of the mall can be a bit of a zoo so we parked at Macy's. My son, Charlie, asked me if I remembered some of the cool dinosaur toys they used to have and asked if they still had a lot of toys.

Indeed, Macy's had stepped their toy game up considerably with a big section full of toys as opposed to the couple of shelves they previously had. When I walked out of the store I saw a sign that might be a hint of things to come.

"Visit our toy shop," the sign read, followed by the classic Toys 'R' Us logo and a message that says "Guess what is coming to Macy's stores in 2022!"

So while the bad news is that it sounds like we aren't going to get a dedicated, toys-only store, one the bright side we might get to partially re-live the fun of going to that store by visiting Macy's.

Retaildive says that the Toys 'R' Us branding will be present in 400 Macy's stores:

 "Customers will be welcomed by Geoffrey the Giraffe before discovering and playing across dedicated sections by age, interest and category, with interactive experiences, activation centers and iconic elements throughout," the companies said.

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