ST. CLOUD -- A special handmade gift now graces the Intensive Care Unit consult room at the St. Cloud Hospital to bring smiles in troubled times.

Shelia Campbell has worked as a nurse in the ICU for almost 30 years and thanks to her hobby of quilting hangs a special gift for all to see.

"Our critical care association suggested that maybe we do something and donate something to the unit," says Campbell. "I have this thing for fabric and I said I'll make a wall hanging and donate it.

The quilt took several months of work making sure each piece fit just right and follows a "seasons" theme.

"Picking out the fabrics takes a day, then I usually cut it out over a few hours then sew it together and then I took it out to Quilts on Broadway and they did the actually stitching on it," says Campbell.

Campbell says she is honored to make and donate the quilt to provide something beautiful for the department she has worked for and for families facing a tough situation.

"This unit means a lot to me and I just feel vested in it and this will live on when I'm not here and retired," says Campbell.

The unveiling of the quilt is part of Critical Care Awareness and Recognition Month.


Shelia Campbell's quilt is hung for all to see inside the ICU consult room. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)