ST. CLOUD - Football fans who plan to drink on Super Bowl Sunday are being reminded to plan ahead and find a sober ride.

Law enforcement agencies from around the state will be stepping up DWI enforcement as Minnesota tries to make it six years in a row without a drunk driving death on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sergeant Jesse Grabow with the Minnesota State Patrol says that while there have been no deaths, there have been almost 1,000 DWI arrests over the last five Super Bowl Sundays.

The Department of Public safety is also planning to use the social media tool Thunderclap to broadcast a one-time don't drink and drive message on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr over the weekend. Grabow says social media is a great way for the message to be spread.

Grabow adds that the goal of the State Patrol isn’t the number of arrests they make, but spreading the message so people can make smart choices.

The Department of Public Safety says that if you drink on Super Bowl Sunday, you need to find a sober ride, call a cab, or stay at your location.