ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- The temperature reached 94 degrees in St. Cloud on Wednesday afternoon.

This was our 13th day this summer with highs in the 90s.  We average just over 11.

Hot, but not close to a record for the day.  The record high temperature in St. Cloud for this date is 103.  That happened in 1931.

So what is the warmest it has ever been in the Granite City?  The mercury has gone as high as 107 degrees, and that happened on three different occasions, including on back-to-back days.

July 22nd, 1934
July 23rd, 1934
July 13th, 1936

Our most recent 100-degree day in St. Cloud was in June 2022 when we hit 101.

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How about the hottest day ever recorded in the state of Minnesota? The National Weather Service says that's 114.5 degrees which occurred at Beardsley in Big Stone County on July 29th, 1917.

The Minnesota Climatology Office says most modern heat waves are no match for the legendary event that gripped Minnesota from July 5 to July 18, 1936. (note the 107-degree temp in St. Cloud that year).  St. Cloud recorded nine 100-degree days during that stretch.

The heat wave in 1936 came at a time without air conditioning, with only limited availability of fans, and many Minnesotans would often sleep outside to stay cool. Citizens found it hard to cool down properly in any circumstance, causing heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and up to 900 deaths throughout the state.



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