The DNR has released preliminary results on the grouse population based on drumming counts.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON.  Schmitt describes drumming as when male grouse beat their wings quickly with the intent of signaling territory and attracting females.  He says the DNR has people count the amounts of drumming.  Schmitt indicates this is just an estimate which has been done every year since the early 1940s.  He says the results show the drumming counts are the highest they've been since 1972.  Schmitt says grouse go through population swings and this uptick in population doesn't insure good hunting this fall.

photo courtesy of Glen Schmitt
photo courtesy of Glen Schmitt

Southwest Minnesota has a high population of pheasants.  Schmitt is concerned that flooding in that part of the state will affect the population.  He says reports indicate not many young pheasants have been spotted.  Schmitt indicates it would be unfortunate if many were lost to the wet spring/summer because the winter wasn't tough on the Minnesota pheasant population this year.  The DNR will do an August road side count to better determine the pheasant population in the state.

Minnesota saw a record setting turkey hunt this spring.  Schmitt acknowledges that wild turkeys are active.  He says hens are starting to move their broods around.  Schmitt believes the signs of more turkeys is just because of the high numbers in the state.

Summer fishing patterns continue.  Schmitt says the warmer weather is increasing the water temperatures.  He says this pushes fish into deeper water.  Schmitt suggests fishing early and late in the day for the most success.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Glen Schmitt, it is available below.



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