SAUK RAPIDS - For two years Bethann Gondeck and some devoted volunteers have helped hundreds of dogs with their work at Grey Face Rescue.

Grey Face Rescue is non-profit that helps senior dogs find homes and veterinary care.

On the anniversary of the first time Gondeck picked up a senior dog, Grey Face held an open house at their new space in Sauk Rapids. Since then, Grey Face Rescue has helped over 140 senior dogs.

Gondreck says Grey Face has come along way since its humble beginnings.

"At the beginning, I was just like I am going to start a rescue and this is going to be fun and right away things took off. From then until now and 145 dogs later and dogs coming in and out with adoptions it is a lot more than I thought it was going to be."

Every dog they take in goes through a process that costs hundreds of dollars. It can take weeks to ensure they find proper foster homes and take care of each dog's veterinary needs.

While the process of taking care of a senior animals needs can be taxing, Gondeck says over the first two years her passion for rescues remains the same.

"It is absolutely just as rewarding as when we started. It may actually be more rewarding now because of how many people are wanting these dogs. It lets me know we are making a difference."

Grey Face Rescue is always looking for more donations and volunteers. If you are interested in finding ways you can help, follow the link below.

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