GRAND RAPIDS -- With over 1,000 lakes and over 2,000 miles of trails the Grand Rapids area up in northern Minnesota is a good place to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Megan Christianson is the Executive Director of "Visit Grand Rapids". She says the resorts have been busy booking guests.

I think that there was a pent up demand of people that were locked down for so long that they just want to get away.

Christianson says most resorts have made changes in policies due to COVID-19 so you'll want to check their websites before you arrive for vacation.

Be aware that a couple of the popular tourist spots in Grand Rapids, the Judy Garland Museum and the Forest History Center, are still closed for now.

The Minnesota Historical Society owns the Forest History Center and they have closed all of their sites through June 30th, so we don't know if and when they'll be opening.  The Judy Garland Museum will be reopening on June 26th.

Christianson says Grand Rapids now offers two breweries, Rapids Brewing Company and Klockow Brewing Company, and they have a wine bar called Unwind Up North.

And, if you're looking for a patio overlooking the big Pokegama Lake there are three restaurants, Pickled Loon Saloon, Zorba's, and Pokegama Grill that are all along the water.

This week is Staycation week on the News @ Noon show on WJON.  Each day we're talking to tourism folks around the region to see what they have to offer for a weekend getaway.

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