Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today.  He says ice conditions have deteriorated quickly in the past 10 days due to the warmer weather.  He says shorelines and boat accesses are seeing less ice or thin ice on many lakes in Central Minnesota.  He says when he goes ice fishing locally now he's walking onto the ice and isn't comfortable driving with the current conditions.  He says this is Minnesota and conditions can change quickly.  Schmitt says we are trending toward an early ice-out but he would rather have  a normal ice out.  He says ice fishing has been good locally and describes in the below podcast his approach to catching fish this March.


Schmitt says he is still comfortable driving a 4-wheeler on the ice in Northern Minnesota and says checking ice conditions on the Outdoor News website, and with local bait shops is a good way to have knowledge of the amount of ice on lakes.

A bill is making its way through the Minnesota legislature that aims to reduce the walleye bag limits from 6 to 4.  Glen says this bill has been introduced before and hasn't had the support to pass.  He says he's not sure there is support this time around either.  Schmitt says the DNR doesn't have any biological evidence supporting this switch and has done a great job stocking Minnesota lakes.  He says he's not for or against this bill and says a bag of 4 walleyes is a pretty good day.

Glen Schmitt of Outdoor News joins me Thursdays at 8:40 a.m. on WJON.

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