RICE - Fundraising efforts are underway to help a 16-year-old Rice boy who is waiting for a kidney transplant. Dylan Roses was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease on September 17th.

Dylan is the son of Glen Roses and Dawn O'Rourke,

The cost of a transplant often excedes $500,000. Dylan's aunt Shannon Westgard says the donations will help the family.

To help us raise funds for Dylan for all the medical expenses. As well as transportation and living expenses. Because my sister will be actually out of work for probably three months when Dylan does get his transplant.

Westgard says Dylan is going to the University of Minnesota for his treatment, and eventually for his kidney transplant.

Dylan is a sophomore at Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. Westgard says his time at school has been limited this fall.

He is only allowed to go to school for three hours a day, because of the dialysis. And, they don't want him to over exert himself.

Westgard says the family is working with the "Children's Organ Transplant Association". The organization helps families raise money for transplant-related expenses.

They're also working on putting together a benefit for him sometime in January.

Also, they are looking for living kidney donor for Dylan with the blood type A or O.

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