I never thought I'd see the day that we thought blue jeans would be what our Olympic superstars would be wearing in Paris, but I'm not a fashion expert.

Ralph Lauren has just brought out the new apparel to represent the United States Olympic Team for 2024; and according to them, nothing says America more than blue jeans.

I can't say I disagree, and I have mixed feelings. Honestly, I kind of like it; but I like casual. Ralph Lauren describes the look as 'unexpected' yet classic.

David Lauren said, "We work very closely with Team USA to make the athletes feel at once dressed up, feel like a team, but at the same time comfortable and very distinctively American. Nothing says America like blue jeans, especially when we're in Paris, and it gives the athletes a chance to feel a sense of a culture but also feel like themselves and what is natural."

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For the opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics, Team USA will be wearing blue blazers with blue jeans from Ralph Lauren.

For the closing ceremony, they will be wearing white motocross-style jeans with matching white jackets. They look like a lighter version of a snowmobile suit. Again, I'm not saying that as an insult; I like it; but I like it because it doesn't look snooty. The outfits look young, fun, and 'cool.'

For the very best of the best as far as athletes are concerned, do you think that this is the look the Olympians will feel comfortable in? Will they thnk Ralph Lauren chose the right design?


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