ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A former St. Cloud man has been sentenced to prison for raping a woman when she was unconscious.

Twenty-six-year-old Conor Gross was sentenced to four years and two months behind bars. He was accused of raping the woman in her apartment bathroom after she had passed out from drinking.

The assault happened in December 2019 in west St. Cloud.

Court records show, one of the woman's friends walked into the bathroom to find the victim passed out on the bathroom floor, with her pants pulled down and Gross standing over her while pulling his pants up.

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Gross denied having any sexual contact with the victim, saying he needed to use the bathroom and found her passed out on the toilet. He told police that he picked her up and set her on the floor while he used the toilet.

However, lab tests determined that DNA found on the victim was a match to Gross.

Gross pleaded guilty to 3rd-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a helpless victim on Monday. He was sentenced on Tuesday morning.

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