COLLEGEVILLE -- It's been a long and emotional day for the family and friends of fallen Peace Officer Tom Decker. He was laid to rest this afternoon, after a service this morning at St. John's Abbey and University Church.

As many as 2,300 law enforcement officers from across the country streamed onto campus all morning long. They then marched in formation up to the church. All five states from the upper midwest were represented, and as far away as Montana, Chicago and Florida.

Decker's casket arrived at the church at about 10:30 a.m. With a lot of pomp and circumstance Decker's casket was brought into the Abbey. The service in front of about 3,200 people lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes. One of the people that spoke was Decker's brother, Eddie. He described his brother as "easy going and never angered", he called his brother the family jokester. Eddie said Tom bought flowers for his wife Alicia at least once a month. He said Tom worked nights so he could spend time with his kids during the day. Eddie said being a Peace Officer was his passion and his life's work. Eddie wrapped up his eulogy by saying, "Tommy you are my hero."

Minnesota Department of Public Safety via Facebook

After the service, the procession of hundreds of cop cars, family and friends, and Decker's casket traveled down I-94, down through Cold Spring and Richmond, then on to his final resting place at the St. Nicholas cemetery.

WJON's Abby Faulkner was stationed at the cemetery and filed this report.

The 31-year-old was a Cold Spring area native, and a graduate of ROCORI High School. It was always his dream to work for the Cold Spring-Richmond police department, a dream that became a reality in 2006.

Peace Officer Tom Decker was shot and killed on Thursday, November 29th while responding to a welfare check. To date, no one has been charged with his death.


Heather Schmitz, WJON News
Heather Schmitz, WJON News