Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON this week.  He says not everyone suffered during the pandemic but those in the hospitality/bars & restaurants and service industry did and because of that he'd like to see additional financial relief headed to those individuals.  Emmer says the federal government has given too much money to states and individuals that weren't suffering during the pandemic and to state's that had a surplus of money like Minnesota.  Emmer says this type of spending has led to an increased national debt and inflation.  He says he'd like to see an infrastructure deal in congress to pay for roads and bridges but doesn't agree with items that have been added to those bills.  Listen to our conversation below.


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Tom Emmer was in St. Cloud Wednesday taking a look at the bridge in Waite Park on the way to St. Joseph that has been deemed deficient.  Emmer says the federal government is prepared to pay for 1/3 of the cost to repair this bridge which amounts to $1 Million.  The state and county would be responsible for the remaining costs.  Emmer says this bridge has been on the radar of MNDot for around 20 years and if the bridge isn't replace soon they would have to put load restrictions on it.

Tom and I discussed inflation and the causes of it in America.  He says the federal government has contributed to this problem with excessive payments to individuals which has led to a flooded market pushing up costs of goods and services.  He says the increased gas prices are an example of federal government influenced inflation.


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