FOLEY -- Two men with ties to farming are running for an open seat in District 1 on the Benton County Board of Commissioners.

Scott Johnson is a planning commission member, hog and poultry producer, and bus driver for the Foley School District. He says his district is heavy on agriculture and he wants to help preserve that way of life in Benton County...

I'd like to do whatever I can do to protect the ag industry in the county. When we re-did the comprehensive plan for 2040, it shows that 80-85% of our county is ag in some form whether it's dairy, or hogs, or Christmas trees. It's different types of ag areas we certainly need to protect because it such a large part of the county.

Johnson also wants to expand high-speed internet to the rural parts of the county.

Chris Winkleman has experience in the credit and financial industry and as a farmer. He also says someone needs to be watching out for Benton County's farmers...

A pretty serious issue is our drainage system. I mean, a lot of our farmers' livelihood depends on the land, and without proper drainage, the investment that they put in every spring into that land the return on it just isn't as great without the proper drainage.

Along with agriculture issues, Winkleman says roads, bridges, and taxes are high priorities for him if he's elected.

District 1 covers the eastern part of Benton County including the cities of Foley and Gilman and also the townships of Gilmanton, Granite Ledge, Glendorado, St. George, and Maywood.

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