ST. CLOUD - With classes starting on Monday, the St. Cloud area school district recently launched a more user friendly website for students and their families.

District 742 director of community engagement and communications Tami DeLand says they revamped the site after community complaints about the previous version being difficult to navigate.

"Information was very hard to find, in other words, it wasn't very intuitive. If you wanted to find a teacher, it was tough to tell where to go."

DeLand says the older version of the site also took too many clicks to find what you were looking for.

"The other big complaint was it took too many clicks. So even if you got on the right path, it may take you four clicks to get you where you wanted to go."

The new website also features a mobile-responsive design. Smartphones and tablets will display the website in a similar way to the computer version.

The website launched earlier this month with an invitation for feedback so that issues can be fixed before the first day of school on Monday. The feedback link can be found on the homepage by clicking here.