ST. CLOUD -- The latest climate survey for how parents, students and staff feel about how things are going in District 742 is out.

The survey gauges how people in the district feel about three main categories. The categories are engagement, environment and safety.

The engagement category shows how staff, students and parents feel things like communication, how well teachers support students and how different cultures in the schools interact.

Environment covered areas like how teachers engage students in learning, how well families supported their students and how staff treated students.

Finally, safety covered things like bullying, and how receptive teachers and staff are to ensuring kids have a safe learning environment.

Overall, the district found that safety was the highest rated category among staff, but the lowest rated by parents and students. Engagement was the highest rated category for parents. Environment was the highest rated category for students, but lowest for staff.

The climate survey also took a look at the demographics of the district.

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