ST. CLOUD - He’s called the “Jack-of-all-trades” for the Tech High School boys swimming team. Junior Bingham Shaw prides himself on being a top performer and great teammate.

Bingham Shaw before a Tech swimming practice. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

"We're more like a family than a team. We spend a lot of time together on weekends. We push each other in practice. We hang out during school, we're all very close knit," Shaw says.

Shaw started competitive swimming in the 7th grade. He’s been a vital part of a team that’s won their conference meets for over two years.

"My favorite [event] is the 50 meter freestyle because I love sprint events. I like to see small time drops but you work really hard to get them."

Head swimming coach Landon Hartwig says Shaw is one of the most excited students he’s seen towards the sport. Adding that he excels in both sprint and distance events.

"He's been a really good role model for a lot of the underclassmen. Really showing them what's expected of them as they grow up in swimming."

The team practices often and hard. Workouts and practice can take 2-3 hours in the evening. Shaw says he couldn’t be more thankful to play a big part in the teams hard work and success.

"It takes all the guys working as hard as they can to try and get as fast as they possibly can. Meets come down to 5-10 points out of hundreds, so it's really a team effort and I'm really pleased with the group of guys that we have."