St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON this week.  Mayor Kleis addressed listener questions which included concerns about traffic safety.  He says traffic enforcement has always been a focus of the St. Cloud police department.  He says he's in favor of red light cameras and the department has had trail vehicles that monitor high traffic areas and areas where speeding tends to take place.  Kleis says the police department always appreciates calls from citizens highlighting speeders at each location in town.  He says police cannot be everywhere at all times but when notified of trouble spots will always follow up. Listen to our conversation below.



The funding of body cameras for St. Cloud police officers have been approved by the St. Cloud City Council.  He says the city and police department has wanted these for quit awhile and he's proud that they were able to keep these in the budget without raising the levy.  Kleis says the city is faced with budget concerns in 2021 in large part due to Covid-19.  He says they are spending $2 Million less than they did in 2020 but have kept plenty of road projects and improvements in the budget.  The St. Cloud area has seen just 2 snow events so far this season which Mayor Kleis does help save them some money on cleanup.  He says anything that can help with the 2020 budget issues can help.  Kleis says they have reserves built into the budget if they have a year with heavier than normal snow fall.

Mayor Dave Kleis will join me live next Friday December 18 from 8:10-8:50 a.m. on WJON.  He'll take your phone calls at 320-252-5852.

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