Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall joined me on WJON today.  Kendall says starting in August they will return to handling more than one court case at a time in Stearns County.  She says Stearns County has been doing 1 court case at a time during the pandemic.  Kendall says they've done around 15-20 trials during COVID.  She says some counties haven't done any trials at all during the pandemic.  Kendall says a juror's expectations is about the same as normal with some exceptions that will make the process take longer in some cases.  She says they are going more digital where possible to relay information to jurors.  Kendall says at this point it does not matter whether a potential juror has been vaccinated.


The Stearns County Human Trafficking Task Force continues to have success.  Kendall says during the pandemic they saw lots of calls of tips for people that helped in human trafficking investigations that have led to a number of trials that have gone on during the last year and a half.  She says people have really come together to help on this topic and they are pleased with all the tips.

Kendall says they are currently waiting to hear if they receive a grant for a visitation center.  She says they are finding that supervised visitation sometimes lead to manipulation attempts by individuals against female victims and children.  Anna Marie's Alliance would have a role in staffing the visitation center to aid the mostly female victims of domestic violence.

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