ST. JOSEPH -- There was some concern in St. Joseph Thursday night over plans for a new government center. The city council called a special meeting to invite residents to voice their opinions.

The new facility is projected to cost an estimated $4.4 million to $4.5 million. Elen Wahlstorm is a resident of St. Joseph. She says she wants to see a plan for how the city plans to pay for the proposed center.

Council member Dale Wick responded by saying they will know more information on how much the new facility would cost the tax payers after they put the project up for bid.

Resident Bob Lyon suggested that the council send out a survey on the water bill to collect the community's feedback.

Others called for a referendum vote on the issue. Mayor Rick Schultz says it's something the council will discuss before they move forward and make a final decision.

The current building would need to be demolished in order to make room for the new facility. The council hopes to include a community room and expand the police department's space. The project is expected to be up for bid sometime next week.