Katie Hultquist is a guest on "Computer Savvy" during "It Matters with Kelly Cordes" and I thought it would be a good time to reach out to Katie, to see if people needing help with their computers, now that everyone is working from home, can still get help. The answer is yes. They are open. You can listen to our interview today by clicking the play button below.


Here are some recent questions:

1) I am having a lot of issues with my computer and I need to
bring it in for service. Are you open and how can I remain safe
from the Covid-19 while at your store?

Katie- Excellent question! Yes – we are open and here to help you with
your computer issues! In order to keep everybody safe – we are
wearing masks and gloves and we are doing curbside pickup and
drop off of computers. What this means – we are open for
business from 10-6 Monday-Friday and 10-4 on Saturday. Drive
over to our store, park in the parking lot, and call us from your
car. We will then come out, get your information, and your
computer and we will call you with any questions and when it is

Corona Katie

2) My office asked me to work from home, but I do not have a
computer – are you able to sell me a computer?

Katie- Absolutely! We have a great selection of new and used towers
and laptops. You can call or email us and we can determine the
best computer for you! You can pay for it over the phone and
then stop by the shop, call us from your car, we will bring out
your new computer to you.

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3) I just purchased a new computer from you and I need some
onsite assistance with installing my printer – but I am nervous
about having anyone come to my home. Is there a way you can
still help me?

Katie- Of course! On all of our new purchases and services – we add a
program that allows us to remotely control your computer –
but only when you call us and read us the User ID and
Password – and the password changes every time you open it –
so it is very secure! We will be able to assist you with all of your
computer questions and help you get most anything setup
remotely! So we all stay safer!

4) I have preexisting medical conditions so I am not able to leave
my home – but my computer needs to come in for service. What
can you do to help me?

Katie- Great question! We can come to your home – pickup your
computer at your door – and take it back to our shop. We will
call you with any questions and you can pay over the phone for
your service as well! When your service is done we will call you
to schedule a time to bring it back to your house – we will hand
it over to you at your door. And remember we are wearing
gloves and a mask so you will be as safe as you can be!

5) I have an iMac that my children need to use to do their
schoolwork – now that they are at home full time. It recently
stopped booting into the operating system – is that something
that Computer Dynamics can fix for us?

Katie- Of course! Please bring your iMac to our store – call us from
the parking lot – we will come out and grab you iMac take
down your information – and then call you with what needs to
be done and the price to fix. We will have it done for you as
quickly as we can so that your children will have a computer to
use again!


Need to get that computer up and running in a hurry. It's understandable. Call Katie today and her staff will help you curb side or virtually!  (320) 654-9703.

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