COLD SPRING -- The City of Cold Spring is weighing a decision to place security cameras in different areas of the community.

The council held a public hearing on the issue last (Tuesday) night.

Those in attendance raised questions about the new system, which include privacy concerns and the cost of installation and operation.

The Chief of Police Phil Jones says it all comes down to what the community wants.

The murder of officer Tom Decker was on the minds of some who attended.

Jones says that they have been talking about adding cameras for years, but a case can be made after the killing of Decker.

The council says it's tough to estimate the cost because it's too early in the process.

An early estimation of the new system could cost $125,000 or less if the city were to install 16 cameras.

Jones says the city is not out to spy on anyone, just looking to have resources available if a crime were to occur.

He points to other cities like Buffalo that have camera systems in place to help fight crime.

Mayor Doug Schmitz went on the record against installing a camera system. He says community members are approaching him in opposition to the idea.

The council will look to research the issue in greater detail before any vote will take place.