COLD SPRING -- Cold Spring Brewing Company is wrapping up a project that's over a year in the making.

The brewery started working on expanding their shipping facility in November 2016 and now Vice President Scott Bender says the expansion is almost complete.

"The warehouse portion is complete and the second phase which is the production facility will be completed by the end of February."

The 300,000 square foot facility is already creating more jobs in the Cold Spring area.

"We'll start initially with 30-35 and as production ramps up we'll add accordingly."

Cold Spring Brewing Company hopes to be in full production by July 1. Bender says the expansion has helped the company grow and keep up with demands.

"It [the new facility] allows us to react to our customers' needs easier and bring on additional capacity and additional labels. For us, it's very exciting for us to be able to expand our product lines and expand our footprint."

Cold Spring Brewing Company currently has about 350 employees.

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