UNDATED - A battle may be brewing over how we recycle our bottles in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has released a report that calls for a switch to a 10-cent deposit on beverage containers.  You would then be asked to bring your bottles to a redemption center to get your dime back.  The idea being that it would force you to recycle more.

A coalition called "Recycle Smart Minnesota" is against the idea.  Spokesman Tim Wilken says the single-sort system is a better way of getting more Minnesotans to recycle.

Wilken says about 60 percent of Minnesotans have access to the single-sort system.

Wilken says 10 other states have the deposit system.

A change to the 10-cent bottle deposit system would need legislative approval.  The bill is not expected to be introduced during this session, but it could be brought up next year.