ST. CLOUD -- From sweeping bleachers to picking up trash, the St. Cloud community gave Clark Field a little tender loving care this (Friday) morning.

Ruth Kaczor is the spokesperson for the Friends of Clark Field, who have been trying to restore the historic stadium.

"You can look around and see there's weeds, cement that needs cleaning, so we are working hard on all the clean up today," says Kaczor.

Kaczor says along with maintaining the field, the organization has been working on a purchase agreement for the property.

"We're working on getting that agreement formalized in a way we can use it going forward to work on renovating Clark Field. We need that agreement in writing to make sure all parties know what we are going to do with Clark Field," says Kaczor.

Back in May, the Friends of Clark Field looked to start a two phase renovation project.

The first phase would involve a $375,000 fundraising effort to fix the sinking west bleachers, put in new sod and move the playing surface 30 feet to the west.

Phase two would require an additional $300,000 fundraising effort to expand the hillside seating, new field lighting and a new scoreboard, along with utilities for future restrooms and concessions.

St. Cloud Tech football players also joined in the clean up. Nick Schmitt and James Kaczor says it would be nice to see Clark Field used again.

"For many years Clark Field was a place for football players to enjoy and that's what brought them in the program," says Schmitt.

"I think there is always a use for the field. There's always kids running around here and it's a vital part of the community," says Kaczor.

Clark Field has been closed to football games since 2012.

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)
(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)