Today on WJON I was joined on our "how does that work" series by St. Cloud Assistant Public Works Director Brian Schoenecker.  He says they have 4 crews out working on potholes, crack sealing and patching.  He says 2 crews are working on potholes.  They are focusing now on high traffic, high volume roads and then they will do the collector roads.  Brian says they are happy to get suggestions from residents and businesses on roads that are in need of repair and they put all of them on the list.  They will attack the bigger pot holes using a winter type asphalt mix but in mid May will have access to better asphalt which they will then use throughout the rest of spring and into the summer and fall.  Schoenecker says they repair pot holes through the fall.  Listen below.


Schoenecker says they use an asphalt mix to fix the large, deep potholes and a spray patcher for shallow pot holes by using an oil and rock combination.  Schoenecker says they do crack filling this time of year because the crack are wider.  He says they blow the cracks out and apply the crack filler to those.  He says because of budget and cost restrictions they cannot mill and overlay all roads needing more substantial repair.  He says some roads need both a mill and overlay while some roads can be repaired with just an overlay.  He says they determine whether a road needs a complete repair based on many factors.  Those factors include condition of the road, traffic volume, truck traffic, and expected traffic in the future.

If people have potholes that they think need repair in the city of St. Cloud Brian encourages them to call 320-650-2900.

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