ST. CLOUD -- Charter is getting into the mobile business by launching Spectrum Mobile.

If you have Spectrum Internet service or would be new to Spectrum, you can now get your mobile service through the company.

Danny Bowman is the Chief Mobile Officer for Charter. He says their new mobile service will be flexible and competitive.

"Spectrum Mobile gives customers the freedom to use their favorite devices the way they want, saving them hundreds of dollars annually off their mobile bill, all while reaping the benefits of Charter's superior, value-rich network and services."

The LTE cellular network is combined with a nationwide network of Spectrum Wifi Hotspots. Charter says this is designed to give customers a high-quality experience.

Data usage and prices continue to be a deal breaker for many when it comes to choosing a mobile phone carrier. For Spectrum Mobile, unlimited data is priced at $45 per month with the first line, or by the gig for $14 per gig per month, shared across all lines.

Other options Spectrum Mobile will offer is a no-fee charge for changing your data plan and interest-free monthly installment plans for the most popular mobile devices.

Later this year, Charter is looking to expand Spectrum Mobile by allowing customers to bring their own devices to start a plan.

If you're looking for more information on Spectrum Mobile follow the link below.

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