ST. CLOUD -- Do you ever wonder what does Google see when it comes to your business' website?

The St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce is answering just that question at their next Lunchtime Learning event. Michelle Henderson is the featured guest. Henderson is with BadCat Digital Marketing. She says business owners need to be good at telling Google what exactly their business does, in order for searchers to find the business.

"Google is really there for the people who are searching and not the people they are searching about. So businesses need to be a little more straightforward telling Google what they do and in a specific way that a robot can understand. So we spend a lot of time and putting things on our website for our users, we should also spend a lot of time and energy putting things on our website for Google's robots."

Henderson says one easy Google tip business owners can take advantage of is filling out the Google My Business Listing.

"The Google My Business Listing which is the maps listing on Google.If you haven't claimed yours so you can respond to reviews, or control hours of your business online, you definitely want to do that. That's a huge thing that a lot of smaller businesses miss out on."

Henderson will be giving more examples of how to do navigate Google from a business perspective at the event.

Lunchtime Learning will be at the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, May 2, from noon - 1:00 p.m. Registration is required, to register follow the link below.

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