PRINCETON - A maker of electric vehicles, which are now operating all around the world, was conceived right here in our backyard.

On today's edition of "Made in Central Minnesota" we take a look at e-Ride Industries of Princeton.

The fledgling company has been designing and manufacturing 100% electric vehicles since 2004.

Kurt Bauerly is the General Manager of e-Ride. He says their list of clients has grown to include military bases, the U.S. Capitol grounds crew, many colleges and universities including the University of Wisconsin system, and even an Antarctic expedition.

Bauerly says the small, aluminum-framed, hummer-like electric vehicles also hold up well in highly corrosive environment like tropical island nations.

e-Ride's vehicles are frequently compared to golf carts, which Bauerly says is completely inaccurate.

The company only employs 16 people, and uses local machine shops to design and build the cars. Bauerly says they'll be keeping their workforce busy, as e-Ride is in talks to be the exclusive creator of delivery vehicles for the US Postal Service.

They're also working with legislators to increase the street-speed of the cars, currently limited to 35 MPH.