The person behind Ruff Start Rescue in Princeton recently took to social media to express her gratitude to the community for all the support the rescue has gotten over the last 14 years. But in that same message that Azure Davis wrote was an ask to keep supporting the rescue, as its services are still clearly needed.

Recently a litter of puppies came to Ruff Start after the puppies owner realized that they couldn't care for the dogs in the way they needed to be cared for. It was in asking for some help with the puppies that Azure Davis seemed to reflect on the last 14 years, and how amazing the support from others has been during that time.

The post gives a glimpse into what the rescue works with regularly.

These puppies, 4.5 months old and already 40lbs, were timid, fearful, and didn’t know how to be “a puppy.”
Their living conditions and the environment where they were raised didn’t allow them the space they needed for exercise or the socialization a puppy needs. We noticed a couple of them would spin in circles continuously when excited, most likely because this is how they would get their energy out in their previous, smaller space. We are not set up to house dogs on-site, and unfortunately, we had nowhere to place them at the time, as we only have a few kennel runs at our office to house the animals who come in for surgery days. They aren’t intended for long stays, and we don’t have staff to check in on them after hours or over the weekend.
We didn’t want to say no to these puppies in need, but we had limited resources at the time. It put us in a really tough situation, but we decided to take the chance at taking them in and hoping the animal lovers in the community would rally together with us and find placement.

The puppies were helped and they seem to be doing well, you can see a picture of them on the Ruff Start Rescue social media page here, but the real work is continuing.

That work is the work of volunteers and fosters, who out of the kindness of their hearts donate their time and money to keep this organization running.

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We understand this is a huge ask, but we see the love and passion we all carry together to ensure these animals live full lives. We saw it last Monday with these six puppies, and we continue to see it every single day by working together. I am hoping this plea will reach MORE animal lovers and, together, raise more donations to continue this incredible work that I know we can accomplish together. Every dollar adds up. 

If you feel the urge to donate to Ruff Start Rescue, you can find their contact information here. 

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