Did they at least try to give Pease a chance? A couple of communities are duking it out over boundary lines and tax implications.

The city of Princeton wants to annex the township of Baldwin, and the citizens (townshipizens?) of Baldwin are not about that. At all.

Baldwin Township vs City of Princeton: Princeton's Point of View

Princeton mayor Tom Walker worries about Baldwin's small lot size minimums (2 and a half acres) and lack of a sanitary sewer plant.

Baldwin Township vs City of Princeton: Baldwin's Point of View

Board chair/human Jay Swanson says that Princeton just wants the extra taxpayer base to solve its debt problem.

Baldwin Township has petitioned the state to become a city (by incorporating) to block Princeton from taking over annexing a third of the township.

The current public comment period was extended two weeks, with a judgement on the case coming by mid-July.

Call in the Baldwins

Baldwin Township is named after Francis Baldwin - not Billy, Alec...or any of the other Baldwins I can't name without looking it up. Was there a James among the famous brothers?

Francis went on to become a state senator.

Princeton the City, Not Princeton the University

The city of Princeton spans two counties: Sherburne and Mille Lacs. It was platted by a few folks, including the namesake John S. Prince. How'd he win the "name a town after me" sweepstakes? It could've been named Rosston, Gillianton, Morrisonton (nah), or Chuteton (another nah).

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