LITTLE FALLS - Checking out military planes, talking with vets and a chance to ride in a Humvee were just a few of the attractions at Camp Ripley Sunday afternoon.

The biennial Camp Ripley open house is a chance for everyday residents to get close and personal with the men and women of the armed forces, and the equipment they use on a daily basis.

Staff Sergeant Tim Krouth was one of the organizers of the event. He says this is great chance for you to learn more about what goes on behind the fence at Camp Ripley.

"This is kind of the one day we get to advertise that we are not a closed post and we are open to everyone to come on. And it is our way of saying thanks to everyone."

While a lot of people are excited about the opportunity to walk around a military base, Krouth says military personnel get excited for a chance to visit with some of the vets that came before them.

"I am most excited about the chance to talk with, and honor, these Korean War Vets. It is great that they get to come here and share their stories."

During the open house there was a ceremony commemorating Korean War Vets. There was also Change of Commander ceremony.

Justin LaBounty WJON
Justin LaBounty WJON

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