ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud area school board has their superintendent candidate, now all they have to do is decide on a number to pay him.

The board will hold a working session Wednesday night to address the contract of incoming superintendent Willie Jett.

School board chair Bruce Mohs says Jett's first year salary will be near $170,000 plus a benefits package.

Mohs believes there is an agreement between the two sides, but nothing has been finalized.

The district is waiting for a response from Jett on the proposal. If Jett agrees, the terms will need to be written up in final contract form.

Jett's proposed salary is being determined by comparing District 742 to other similar sized school districts and markets.

Retiring superintendent Bruce Watkins' current salary is $166,500.

The final contract will be approved during the next school board meeting, scheduled for April 25th.