ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Behind the Scenes" series on WJON, we brainstorm how to improve health care in the community with the Quality Improvement Department at CentraCare Health.

Just like the weather improvements in health care are always changing and to keep up with the needs of patients a group of people are in charge of quality control.

Quality Director Rachel Lesch says the quality improvement team comes up with new innovative ideas on how to better treat patients which is slowly added throughout CentraCare.

"Sometimes with those small tests of change it might be something we decide to change with three patients on a Wednesday afternoon," says Lesch.

Medical Director George Morris says after the changes have been given some time to adapt a monthly meeting is held with each clinic for a group discussion.

"So we really try to have the quality performance innovation aspects of CentraCare, bring all those ideas together and say now what do we do," says Morris.

The Quality Improvement department begins to finalize the plans using an algorithm before finally implementing the change throughout the entire system.

"We are always thinking about new and innovative strategies on how we can improve the health of our community," says Lesch.

Morris says by making these changes as a team, it provides different perspectives and ideas on how to help the overall community.

CentraCare Health Officials discuss how to improve patient quality. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)